Tourist Spots and Places near Pagsanjan Falls

Tourist Spots and Places near Pagsanjan Falls

Visiting Pagsanjan Falls will give you an adventure of a lifetime. You will get to see the beauty of several falls aside from the main one. You can also enjoy the pure form of nature. See and marvel at vibrant foliage and natural rock formations. Laguna will offer you lots of attractions and scenic views. Even when you’re just travelling to its towns, you will be attracted in its beauty. If you’re visiting Pagsanjan Falls, get a break from driving. Make a stop at nearby towns and try their attractions and culture. You will be able to discover more wonders at each town. Take pictures or simply marvel at the scenic views.

The towns near Pagsanjan Falls have lots to offer you. If you’re coming from different points, you will get to pass by this town. Here are some of the tourist spots that you can enjoy on your way to Pagsanjan Falls. You can also choose to stay longer and try other activities.

Pagsanjan’s Arco Real

Arco Real

As a main tourist spot, Pagsanjan Falls gets the spotlight. But there are hidden gems in the town of Pagsanjan. You can visit Arco Real, the town gate. It is built from 1878 to 1880. It serves as the entrance to the town. You can also take in the sight of stunning ancient houses. They display beautiful architecture and design.

Pueblo El Salvador Nature’s Park

Another route that you could take to reach Pagsanjan Falls is through Pueblo El Salvador. If you choose this option, you can experience trekking. You will also have to rappel to reach the bottom of the mountain. As you take this route, you will see a different kind of scenery. It offers a view from up above. You can see Pagsanjan River from above and watch the thrilling boat ride. You can also choose to take detours where you will get to view other waterfalls. This route is not only cheap but you will also see more of the natural attraction.

Bumbungan Eco-Park

Bumbungan Eco-Park

Bumbungan Eco-Park is one of the nearest nature parks in Pagsanjan Falls. It is in Cavinti and can be visited on your way towards or from the falls. It features a man-made waterfall. It is a tourist spot where visitors can enjoy a relaxing picnic. You will surely savor the peace and calmness of the area. You can take a dip in the shallow but cold water coming from Mt. Banahaw. Kids can also enjoy this attraction.

Caliraya Spillway

Caliraya Spillway

Caliraya Spillway is a famous spot for photographers. It offers a scenic view of the Caliraya Lake. It is a ruin left from the Cavinti Town Boundary Marker. It is a peaceful place where you can stop by. Take a break from driving and just enjoy the great sight. You can also wait for the sunrise or the sunset. It’s a breathtaking scene and you will surely want to take a photo of it.

Trolley in Los Baños

Los Baños Trolley

If you want to enjoy other activities on your way to Pagsanjan Falls, try to ride the trolley in Los Baños. It is a great choice for side trips. You will get to enjoy the ride as you pass through towns. It works by operators pushing the trolley. You will cross the distance between Los Baños and Pagsanjan.

Japanese Garden

Visit the Japanese Garden in Cavinti. It is a memorial park along Lake Caliraya. It was built by the Japanese government to remember the soldiers who died during the second World War. It is a famous tourist spot because of the story that is linked to it. It is believed that this is where General Yamashita is buried. He is the legend in the tale of the Yamashita treasure.

Caliraya and Lumot Lake

Lumot Lake

Caliraya Lake is one of the most famous tourist spots in Laguna. It will offer you a great view of the lake and you will also enjoy the peace of the place. Aside from this Lake, you can also visit Lumot Lake. There are some visitors who said that they prefer Lumot Lake. There is less tourists and it is also more peaceful. It has its own appeal and you will enjoy the difference between the two. You can take in the view of the colors of the water changing. It reflects the changes in the color of the sky. You can visit the lake at Brgy. Lumot in Cavinti.

Lumban’s Embroidery Shops

Lumban's Embroidery

Lumban is known as the Embroidery Capital of the Philippines. Visit the town to check out the clothes that are sewed and embroidered. You will appreciate the details and how intricate it is made. You can shop for souvenirs in here or just buy something for yourself. The delicate embroidery is something that will amaze you.

Hulugan Falls

If you want to experience more waterfalls, there is one near Pagsanjan Falls. It offers a different kind of adventure. You can visit this falls and enjoy its unique beauty. Hulugan Falls is one of the hidden gems of Laguna. It is in the town of Luisiana, just south of Cavinti. Its beauty will surely capture your heart.

Luisiana’s Products

Luisiana is called the little Baguio of Laguna. Its lands are elevated and they also have a cold weather. You can visit the town to just relax and explore. It is also popular for their main product which is pandan. Its leaves are used to make different types of products such as slippers, hats and bags.

St. Mary Magdalene Church

Magdalena is one of the quiet towns in Laguna. You can visit the place and find one of its hidden gems. St. Mary Magdalene Church is one of the renowned parish churches in Laguna. It has a baroque style structure and was built during 1851 to 1871. It has a great value and its beauty is something worth visiting.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

If you want more thrills, why don’t you check out whitewater rafting in Magdalena? You can try this activity if you have more time to explore. It is a three kilometer river rafting along the Balanac River. It is an exciting experience that you can enjoy with friends.

Pancit Habhab Shops

Pancit Habhab

Explore tourist spots and try the activities that they offer. After enjoying the thrills, try some of the great food that are only offered at certain towns. You can start with Lucban’s Pancit Habhab. If you visit the town of Lucban, you will find lots of shops around. They serve Pancit Habhab with their own secret recipe. You can also just opt to eat it at stands in the street.

Old Churches

Old Churches - Majayjay

Old churches in Laguna each have a unique beauty. You can find some at several towns near Pagsanjan like Mabitac, Pakil, Majayjay and Magdalena. They are hidden wonders of the town. These churches offer some historical value and striking beauty.

Underground Cemetery

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

You can pass by Nagcarlan and visit the famous underground cemetery. It is a national historical landmark. The underground chamber is where famous people and Spanish friars are buried. It is built using baroque style architecture. You will surely enjoy the peace and the mystery of the place.

Pila’s Heritage Town

Pila also has a national landmark – considered to be a Heritage Town, there’s an abundance of ancient and remarkable houses that managed to retain their beauty. If you visit this town, you will marvel at the quietude of the place.

Paete’s Paper Mache and Wood Carving

Paete's Wood Carving

Paete is famous for being the carving capital of the Philippines. They embody their passion for carving, painting and crafting with several products including sculptures, paper maches and murals. The town is filled with skilled craftsmen and artisans who practice the long-standing tradition of carving and painting.

Liliw’s Tsinelas

Liliw is famous for being the Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines. The slippers that they create and offer are cheap but of high quality. Slippers are available in a variety of style and colors.

Sta. Cruz’s Kesong Puti

Sta. Cruz Kesong Puti

Kesong puti or white cheese is one of the major products that Sta. Cruz offers. The capital of Laguna is popular for producing kesong puti that are fresh, white and soft. The manufacturers from this town use the milk from carabaos.

Other neighboring towns that you can visit for some side trips and extra adventure are Majayjay, Siniloan, Pakil and Mabitac. If you’re traveling far from Pagsanjan, why not take the time to fully enjoy what the province has to offer? Look for budget-friendly accommodations and spend some time to explore other attractions that will take your breath away.