Opening and Closing Time of Pagsanjan Falls

Opening and Closing Time of Pagsanjan Falls

The popularity of Pagsanjan Falls lures a lot of enthusiastic tourists. Visiting the place will give you an awe-inspiring experience. You will be treated to a view of lush vegetation, azure water and the grandeur of nature itself. As one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines, Pagsanjan Falls attracts visitors from all over the globe. It is a world-class attraction that boosts the industry of the town.

Information on Opening and Closing Time of Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls opens at 8 am and closes at 3 pm. There is enough time for visitors to enjoy the thrill of going to the falls and back to the jump-off point. Tourists are given ample time to savor the splendor of Pagsanjan Falls. You can delight in the heart of nature. There is the magnificence of the cascading curtain of waterfall. There’s also the Devil’s Cave and other natural rock formations.

Visit the attraction and you will also surely enjoy the way towards the falls. It is a unique adventure that you can enjoy with friends or family. There are three major drops that are considered to be the major attractions in Pagsanjan Falls. You’ll also enjoy the other minor waterfalls. There’s the Talahib Falls, Kaluykuy Galls and the Bridal Veils Falls. Each one has a distinct appeal that will leave you breathless.

But there are times that Pagsanjan Falls is closed off from the public. Some tour operators do not conduct business during rainy seasons – from July to September. Most of the services resume from October to early June.

Access to the Waterfall

There are two ways in which you can reach Pagsanjan Falls. There’s the Cavinti route and the Pagsanjan route. Both will take you about an hour. If you choose the first one, you will have to reach destination by trekking. Pueblo El Salvador is the access point in Cavinti. You will go down a steep road towards the stairs. You will also rappel your way down through a metal ladder. It is a great choice for those who want to experience a unique activity aside from canoeing. It is also a much cheaper option. It is an ideal choice for those who are on a budget trip. Tourists can also opt for the rafting service towards the falls in order to explore the Devil’s Cave.

Pagsanjan route is a more famous route. It is popular because of the exciting boat ride that it offers. Visitors will rent a wooden banka or a fiberglass canoe. It is steered by two skilled boatmen. They are licensed tourist guides who underwent training for six months. The canoe is steered against the turbulent waters of the Pagsanjan River. It passes through gorges and rapids. The boat ride will not only provide you with excitement. You will also be able to enjoy the scenic views. Sometimes tourists even chance upon the sight of creatures.

Going back, you can try the famed Shooting the Rapids. It is a featured activity that tourists want to try. The 30-minute boat ride will bring you a great thrill. The strong current of Pagsanjan River will take you into a turbulent journey. You will pass through 14 rapids. There’s lots of time for you to enjoy the beauty of Pagsanjan Falls. Take pictures to remember the moment by. Enjoy the experience with family or your group of friends.

If you want to stay longer and see everything that the attraction has to offer, you can go camping. It is a cheaper accommodation. Pueblo El Salvador has grounds where you can set up your tent. Just ask permission from the information office.

For any inquiry, here are some contact numbers of offices that you can talk to; you can get the information that you need from them:


Pueblo El Salvador

Contact Numbers: +63-998-394-5609 / (049) 523-0012


Tourism Action Center

Contact Numbers: +63-915-823-4535 / +63-929-584-1551