Hotels near Pagsanjan Falls

Try everything that an attraction has to offer. Stay within reach and have fun exploring. Even if you want to fully experience the thrills of a tourist spot, distance and time can stop you from doing so. Pagsanjan Falls is one of the main tourist spots in Laguna. It attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. Once you visit the place, you will surely wonder at the beauty of the waterfall. But there are also other kinds of activities that you can try. Pagsanjan and other nearby towns will also give you a great time. One of the attractions in Pagsanjan is the ancient houses in the main street. They have a striking built and design. If you’re visiting Pagsanjan Falls, take some time to check out these attractions.

Explore the town and see what else it can offer you. You will surely have fun and get to take home special memories. There are hotels near Pagsanjan Falls where you can stay at. It will offer you a relaxing place to rest for a night or more. You can choose from luxury ones or budget lodgings. Here’s a list of hotels near Pagsanjan Falls.

Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort

Contact Information

Phone Number: (049) 808-4251 / 808-4209 / +639 47 361 8360


Address: Barangay Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna

Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Resort will provide you different types of rooms. You get to choose which one fits your tastes. There are also other kinds of facilities that you can enjoy. There’s a swimming pool, a slide, and a natural hot spring. If you are looking for other kinds of enjoyment, you can also try their obstacle course. This is great for families and groups of friends. You can enjoy the challenges and other forms of training. One of the popular features of the hotel is their natural hot spring. You can take a dip in here and relax. From Pagsanjan Falls, the resort is just 10 kilometers away. You can reach it in just 20 minutes by using a car.


Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort

Contact Information

Phone Number: (02) 852 6484


Address: Baranggay Dingin, Pagsanjan, Laguna

The resort only operates every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. If you want to visit the place and see what it can offer you, you have to book in advance. Villa Socorro Agri-Eco Village and Farm Resort only welcomes visitors who book the place two weeks before the date. You can contact the personnel for reservations. The resort offers different types of rooms along with entertaining activities and other facilities. You can enjoy their cottages by the river, a mini zoo and one of their prides – the Villa Socorro Farm Sabanana Chips Production Plant.

Magdapio Hotel Inc.

Contact Number: (049) 808-4128

Address: Garcia St. Pagsanjan, Laguna


Pagsanjan Garden Resort

Contact Number: (049) 808 4451

Address: Pagsanjan-Cavinti Road, Barangay Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Tropical Inn and Resort

Contact Number: (049) 501-4841 / 501-5677

Address: Sampaloc, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Pagsanjan Paradise Resort

Contact Number: (049) 808-5494 / 808-5493

Address: National Highway, Barangay Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna


La Vista Pagsanjan Resort & Landing Area

Contact Number: (049) 808-1229

Address: Garcia St. Pagsanjan, Laguna


Yokohama Hotel

Contact Number: (049) 808-6463 / +63 918 378 7909

Address: Cosme Street, Poblacion Dos, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Fresh & Green Lodging Inn

Contact Number: (049) 808-4498 / +63 917 500 3144


Email Address:

Address: Greenfield Subdivision Mabini Street, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Wendy’s Resort

Contact Number: (049) 808 3183

Address: Barangay Biñan, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Casa Del Rio Resort

Contact Number: (049) 501-1948 / (049) 576-3446 / +63 917 974 7740

Email Address:

Address: Barangay Biñan, Pagsanjan, Laguna


Pagsanjan Palm Resort

Contact Number: (049) 307-6595 / +63 917 598 4511

Address: Maulawin, Pagsanjan, Laguna