The Legend of Pagsanjan Falls

The Legend of Pagsanjan Falls

Mystery surrounds the striking beauty of Pagsanjan Falls. Its splendor is believed to have unnatural origins. Pagsanjan Falls will take you into an exciting adventure. Visit the place and get enchanted with an enthralling story of how it came to existence.

The legend of Pagsanjan Falls is a rich tale that has been passed down from generations. According to the lore, there used to be no falls in a land that is now called Laguna. But in its place are highlands that are rich in foliage. Tall trees, fruit-bearing ones, shrubs and grass that grows in heights are usual views that will greet the folks.

The Twin Brothers

Bumbungan and Balanac are twin rivers that have been existing since long ago. Two brothers named Balubad and Magdapio lives peacefully on the eastern side of Bumbungan River. The siblings were living in content until calamity struck. Draught swept the lands and along with it is famine. The lands and crops were destroyed. Animals died one by one. There was no rain for months on end. The soil lost its lushness. Rivers and springs became dried up. Plants withered and creatures disappeared into the night.

Balubad and Magdapio suffered in the aftermath that the calamity brought. Every passing day until the sun has set, the siblings prayed. But the gods were deaf to their prayers. Until the older of the two, in his weak state, died from thirst. Magdapio mourned Baludad’s death. With a heavy heart, Magdapio buried his brother on a piece of dry land on the slope of a mountain that is now called Balubad.

Magdapio’s Grief

Alone and without water, Magdapio walked at the dried riverbed. He suffered on his journey to search for water. He realized that he will not be blessed even with one single drop. In his anger, he threw his cane down on the rocks.

A spring suddenly bubbled on the spot where the cane hit the land. It grew bigger and filled the area until water came falling down from the canyon wall. It soon became a roaring waterfall. In his gratitude and amazement, Magdapio fell on his knees. He prayed to the gods, thanking them. Taking a sip from the water that came from beneath the earth, Magdapio felt energized. The curtain of waterfall and the cool basin of water is now the famed Pagsanjan Falls.

The grandeur and everything else about Pagsanjan Falls are things that travelers continue to admire. The cold water and the strong cascade of waterfall are features that appeals to the adventurer inside of you. With its reputation, tourists on weekends flock to the waterfall to try an escapade in the heart of nature.