Pagsanjan Falls FAQS

If this will be your first time in Pagsanjan Falls and clueless about the place other than its natural beauty, you came to the right page. Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers, about Pagsanjan Falls:

How much is the entrance fee?

Entrance fee for Pagsanjan Falls is included in the payment for tour operators and guides that will take you to the main attraction. Flyeast packages are already inclusive of the entrance fee along with other amenities such as transportation, boat ride, gears, lunch and a tour guide.

How much is the payment for boat rides?

Standard rate for renting a canoe – inclusive of the boatmen’s fee – is ₱1,250 – ₱1,500.

When is the best time to visit Pagsanjan Falls?

To avoid high traffic of tourists, the ideal time to visit Pagsanjan Falls is during weekdays. It is also advised for travelers to visit the place during summer. The basin of the waterfall tends to get muddy during rainy season.

When is the worst time to visit Pagsanjan Falls?

It is recommended for travelers to avoid visiting the place during the peak of the rainy season. Local government restricts tourists from visiting Pagsanjan Falls when there’s a typhoon or when the weather gets worse. The water gets turbulent enough for boatmen to have a hard time maneuvering the boat. There are also cases where debris falls from rock formations which can cause accidents.

Are there any store selling food in Pagsanjan Falls?

No. There are no stores selling food in the destination itself. However, there are established stores, restaurants, and diners near the access points, Cavinti and Pagsanjan.

Where do we rent a boat?

There are tour operators that already offer a complete package with arranged boat rides for travelers. However, if you want to visit the place without availing any tour package, you can ask the local government directly to rent a boat. They handle the association of boatmen that provide their services for tourists.

Do we need to pay the boatmen?

No. Fee for renting the boat comes with the services of the boatmen. However, you can always choose to give tips to the boatmen.

What do we need to bring?

Tour packages offered by tour operators are already inclusive of the necessary equipment and gears that you’ll need. You only need to bring yourself. If you prefer, you can bring snacks and cameras or devices.

Are we allowed to bring food at Pagsanjan Falls?

Yes. Bringing snacks and eating food is allowed in the main waterfall. But it is also important for travelers to remember not to leave any trash around the area.

Are there any age restriction for tourists?

Yes. Although there is no apparent rule that restricts the age of the visitors, tour operators prohibit children from visiting the place. Travelers can’t bring toddlers, children aged 7 and below, as well as elderly people who are likely to experience health issues.