Access to Pagsanjan Falls

A popular tourist attraction in Laguna is the amazing Pagsanjan Falls, which offers visitors an adventure and scenic views. Aside from the striking beauty and everything about Pagsanjan Falls itself, other attractions include the ways of getting to the falls. There are two routes in which tourists can choose from. Both of these routes offer unrivaled views and experiences at the heart of nature. You can try both and be amazed at how different they are.

Pagsanjan Route

Pagsanjan Falls can be reached from two jump-off points. From the town of Pagsanjan, you’ll be treated to an exciting one-hour boat ride against the current of the river. Tourists can rent a bangka (canoe) which is steered by two skilled boatmen.

The boat ride brings enjoyment to the visitors while the boatmen navigate through the strong flow of the river. The boatmen are all licensed to operate. They will make sure that you are safe and enjoying the ride. Visitors are treated to the stunning sight of nature. As you go to the falls, you will be able to see the hidden beauty of the waterfalls.

Shooting the Rapids is a popular activity in Pagsanjan Falls. It is a great choice for tourists. You will get to enjoy an exciting ride as you pass through 14 rapids. It will take you into a heart pounding adventure. You will be passing along small waterfalls and you will get to see vibrant greens.

Cavinti Route

Another route that you can take is through Pueblo El Salvador. It is a nature park in Cavinti. For a minimum of P270, you can reach Pagsanjan Falls. You will get to try a one-kilometer hike and an exciting rappel to the bottom of the waterfall. It is previously known as Cavinti Eco-Park and can be reached in just 20 minutes ride away from Pagsanjan.

If you take this route, you will need to trek for an hour. It includes walking down a steep road, climbing down a flight of stairs, and rappelling your way down through a metal ladder. You will reach the mountain through this. As you go through the path, you will feast your eyes on lush vegetation. You will also learn to appreciate Pagsanjan Falls more. It will give you a great view of the attraction from a different angle.

There are also medics and an emergency team available. They will provide the needed assistance for the park’s visitors.

Tourists are given a briefing before they go to the falls. There is also a waiver that you need to sign. It indicates that you are physically fit to handle the trek and the boat ride.

Pagsanjan Falls is open during the whole week from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Tourists are not allowed to visit the waterfall during inclement weather. This includes a stormy weather where accidents may occur. It is advised to visit Pagsanjan Falls during the weekdays to avoid the traffic of tourists during weekends.