About Pagsanjan Falls

About Pagsanjan Falls

Laguna will offer you lots of popular and hidden attractions. A humble province, there are several tourist spots that you can visit. If you’re looking for the place to soothe your soul, Laguna is an ideal choice. You can also find adventures in this province. Pagsanjan Falls is a popular attraction in Laguna. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in the country. You might also know it by the name, Magdapio Falls, the same name from the legend. With a height of 91 meters, you will be amazed with its beauty. You will find Devil’s Cave behind the curtain of water.

Visit Pagsanjan Falls and it will strike you with its appeal. Lots of tourists visit the site all year round. Travelers marvel at its glorious three drop of waterfalls. It is nestled between the twin rivers, Balanac and Bumbungan.

Let your feet take you towards Pagsanjan Falls. Indulge in peace at the sound of the running water. Listen as birds sing happy tunes. Roaring water will refresh you. As you pass through the river, see the natural rock formations. You will also get to enjoy the sound of the faunas. Enjoy the serenity in the heart of nature. Embark on an escapade and see the great Pagsanjan Falls for yourself. Discover the mystery of Devil’s Cave that lies behind the gushing water. It looks a lot like a devil’s head and inside, you will get to hear the echoes inside.

Accessing the Waterfall


There are two ways in which tourists can reach the falls. First, you can rent a canoe (bangka) to reach the main attraction. It is steered by skilled boatmen. You will get to enjoy a boat ride against the current of the river. It will take about an hour to reach the goal. The entire boat ride will give you a heart pounding experience. It will also treat you to a great view.

Another way that you can reach it is through Pueblo El Salvador. It is a nature park in Cavinti. It will only take you around 20 minutes from Pagsanjan. You will have to trek to reach the top of the waterfall. Once you reach the peak, you will go down a metal ladder by rappelling.

Shooting the Rapids


Now, one of the main attractions in Pagsanjan Falls is Shooting the Rapids. It is a popular activity that tourists would want to try. It is a thrilling 30-minute boat ride. There are a total of 14 rapids. You will pass through these, and the boat ride will give you great excitement. The thrill of visiting Pagsanjan Falls will give you a journey to remember.

The oldest record about this activity was in 1894. It was during the Spanish occupation. Today, there are lots of efforts to keep Pagsanjan Falls protected. Locals are helping to keep it clean and untainted.

Know about the police stations and centers that you can go to in case of an emergency. If you need help, you can go to them.

Also, since it is a popular tourist spot, you will be able to find a place where you can stay. Visit Pagsanjan Falls, and you will have a rare experience. Take in the scenic view and go on an adventure.

History of Pagsanjan Falls


You can learn more about the history of Pagsanjan and the waterfall. Check the timeline below:

Preceding years – 1667Pagsanjan was a part of Lumban.
1668Eight Japanese and Chinese traders found the town and started the industry in Pagsanjan.
1668Governor General Juan Manuel de la Peña Bonifaz issued a decree which raised the status of Pagsanjan from barrio to a town on the 12th day of December.
1688Pagsanjan replaced Bay as the capital of Laguna.
1858Pagsanjan’s last year as the capital of Laguna. Sta. Cruz replaced Pagsanjan. On the duration of Pagsanjan as the capital, it has a thriving culture and industry. It earned them the title “Athens of Laguna.”
1894Oldest record about Shooting the Rapids, written during the Spanish colonization.
1939Pagsanjan Gorge National Park was declared as a national park with Proc. 392 on the 29th day of March.
1976Pagsanjan Falls (Magdapio Falls) was given the title of a national park with Proc. 1551 on the 31st day of March.
2007Pueblo El Salvador was opened on February 24 in Brgy. Tibatib, Cavinti.
2009Cavinti’s local government submitted a motion on February 10. The motion to rename Pagsanjan Falls to Cavinti Falls did not pass.

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